Wooden boards was started through a need to find a use for the large number of small boards and off cuts I had accumulated .  This wood was sourced from other wood working disciplines which generated a lot of off cuts which they were unable to use.

These boards are gathered together and paired together to create a functional and attractive larger board.  They are then brought down to the same thickness, the edges squared and then jointed together.

The boards are then sanded down, and cut to shape, the edges rounded, and sanded down to a smooth finish.

They are they sprayed with water to raise any fine fibres created by the sanding and given a final smoothing off.

To finish they are given several soakings in pharmaceutical grade mineral oil which is allowed to dry.  After this they are coated in a "butter" made from mineral oil and purified bees wax.  This is left in a warm place for a couple of days and then buffed to a low lustre.